Parallel Education and Employment Program

What are the eligibility criteria to enroll for PEEP?
Any students who are currently pursuing graduation or diploma courses in technical or non-technical streams are eligible to enroll for PEEP.     Register here
What is the age limit to enroll for PEEP?
Students between 18 and 35 years of age can enroll for PEEP.     Register here
Is there any fee to enroll for PEEP?
The program fee is Rs.7000/- It is payable only if you get either a paid internship or a placement offer through PEEP.     Register here
When can I enroll for the PEEP?
The student can enroll for the program any time during their degree course duration.     Register here
What will I learn from the modules included in PEEP?
The student will develop some finest aptitude in various functionalities like Professional Communication, Soft Skills, Business Development Skills, Data Skills, Negotiation Skills, Computer Skills, Business Etiquettes and domain knowledge of certain Industries. The paid internship is a further advantage.     Register here
What is the structure of PEEP? How will it prepare me to obtain an employment?
PEEP program will endow you with various finishing skills to assist you land the right job. The paid internships will add value with notable industry exposure as well.     Register here
Is the Field work/on the job Training mandatory?
No, the apprenticeship is not mandatory but it is very much recommended since they offer you the time and space to employ your learning on the job, a decent stipend and the crucial job experience.     Register here
Where are the internships available?
Interested candidates will get notifications on the app about several internship opportunities available in different companies and provides the freedom to choose their internship.     Register here
What types of work assignments are possible?
Internships are presented in a range of industries like manufacturing, retail, BFSI, logistics and e-commerce.     Register here
Do I get paid for internships?
Candidates taking up the internships will be paid according to the Minimum Wage Act by the Government of India.     Register here
Is the work experience certificate recognized by govt. authority?
The work experience certificate is recognized by the Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India and AICTE.     Register here
What is the period of the internship?
The period of the job training varies from 3 months to 24 months.     Register here
What are the working hours, OT, Leave, Holidays?
The working hours and holidays will be according to the HR guidelines of the company in which they are placed. OT is not applicable.     Register here
How do I register? What are the documents required?
Scanned copies or pictures of both sides of your Aadhaar Card and IFC number of your bank account are required.     Register here

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